World’s Largest Drone Delivery Network to Take Off in Tanzania

The world’s biggest drone delivery network is all set to be launched in Tanzania in January 2018. Drones will carry medicines and bloods to save the lives of pregnant women and children suffering from malaria in an economy, bigger than Nigeria. California-based Zipline has announced to make two thousand deliveries per day to over one thousand healthcare units across the countries in East Africa, which will include vaccines, blood, and drugs for malaria and AIDS. Currently, Zipline is riding high on success of a relatively smaller project in Rwanda.

People in Tanzania are lauding this move. Many people have lost their dear ones over the years because of the unavailability of the required blood group and medicinal help in this country. Malaria has been a major cause of deaths in Tanzania. Children under 5 years of age often require blood transfusions in case of malaria-induced anemia. The unavailability of supplies, which is a frequent case with rare blood types, can have fatal consequences.

Tanzania is much larger than Nigeria and is four times the size of the U.K., making it really hard for the poverty-stricken economy to maintain its more than 5,000 clinics and manage the supplies, specifically in remote and rural zones. The drones can fly at a speed of 100 km per hour, more rapidly than road transportation. Small packages will be throw down from the sky, utilizing a biodegradable parachute. The lives of a number of women, who meet a fatal fate from profuse bleeding after child delivery can also be saved, hopes the government.

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