Wireless Brain-Machine Interface System help in Recording Brain Signals, thus, Aiding Paralytic Patients

One can consider technology more of a boon than bane. Various research has been conducted that are helping patient with different deficiencies. One of the most recent research is related to tetraplegic patients. These patienrs can now move their paralyzed limbs with a wireless brain-machine interface system. Currently, the respondent in the research was a tetraplegic patient. The wireless system has helped in recording and decoding his brain signals, based on a proof-of-concept trial.

This research helped the man cortically managed a program that replicated walking and assisted in moving different multi-joint arm with the help a virtual avatar. This can double as exoskeleton in the laboratory or at home. All these movements and development were reported by Alim-Louis Benabid who is a PhD and MD at the University of Grenoble.

Technological Innovation Giving New Hope to Tetraplegic Patients

There are nearly 20% of patients having cervical spinal cord injury and also have tetraplegia. This implies that that their all four limbs are partly or fully paralyzed. But in this trial, 28 years old man had tetraplegia followed by a C4-C5 spinal cord injury. The man had paralysis below the shoulder and also had a few movements in his left wrist and biceps at the elbow. The man was capable of moving a wheelchair with a help of joystick that is managed with his left arm.

In this study, brain-computer interface platform consists of two distantly power-driven electrocorticography (ECoG) recording devices, 64 electrodes per each device. These devices helped in collecting ECoG signals sent to decoding algorithm (adaptive in nature) to send instruction to either an exoskeleton or a virtual avatar.

As the study spanned over two years, the patient carried out different mental tasks to instruct the algorithm. This helped in reaching for targets with the avatar or exoskeleton.

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