What is usually the first sign of breast cancer?

Does your breast look different from before? 

Don’t confuse yourself; everyone’s breast is different. Breast cells sometimes behave abnormally; these cells grow and create new cells and are termed as Tumors, but all tumors are not cancerous or the first sign of breast cancer.

Abnormal hormonal production and being overweight can increase your breast size. But if there is excess production of estrogen and progesterone in the female body, it increases the risk of breast cancer. A lump on the breast can be a warning symptom, but it isn’t the only one.

 Stages of Cancer and its symptoms:

Cancer is identified in different stages from I to V, with V being the most critical and serious. Each stage reveals various symptoms and signs. Non-invasive breast cancer, invasive breast cancer, inflammatory breast cancer, metastatic breast cancer, papillary carcinoma, and angiosarcoma breast show different symptoms and signs.

Sometimes breast cancer at stage 0 or 1 shows no warnings. No matter your breast size, small breast size, or large breast, if you ever feel something is wrong, and then ask for help. It’s important to take care of yourself and your social health.

 Symptoms of invasive breast cancer are –

  • Over sensitiveness and itchy breast skin.
  • Pain around the breast for months.
  • Swelling in the underarm.
  • Red, swelling, or thickened skin which is not skin rashes.
  • A small lump like a pea for more than seven days.
  • Yellow discharge from nipples other than milk.

 Symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer are –

  • Swollen and soft breast muscle.
  • An orange mud peeling off from the skin.
  • Enlargement and burning sensation in the infected breast.
  • Suck-in or dimpling nipple.
  • Weight loss unintentionally and pain in the vagina.

 Symptoms of metastatic breast cancer are –

  • If the cancer is only around the breast, you will feel pain and see nipple discharge.
  • If cancer has reached the bone, you will feel pain, rupture, and lethargy.
  • If cancer has reached the lungs, you will feel a shortage of breath and cough.
  • If cancer has reached the liver, you will feel abdominal pain, swelling of the feet.
  • If cancer has reached the brain, you will feel temporary memory loss and headache.

Remember that it can spread to the bone, lung, and liver and be incurable if you don’t go to the doctor at an early stage. Having these symptoms doesn’t mean you have cancer. Sometimes it can be because of infections or hormonal imbalance. So always seek professional help.

 Symptoms and first signs of breast cancer:

When a foreign object enters your body and your internal defense mechanism called the immune system fails to fight with it, you fall sick. These symptoms can be your guiding map to diagnose breast cancer. Women, be confident and speak up and seek help!

If you ever detect any abnormality around your breasts, contact a doctor for further testing and checkup. Here are some warning first signs:

  1. Change in nipple or around breast skin: The color, size, and shape of the breast nipple change from time to time. But if you notice any abnormalities, then contact a breast specialist. The skin color can change to pale pink, which is more than a typical rash, itchy, inverted, or pucker nipple. Sometimes abnormal discharge other than human milk is also possible.
  2. Swelling breast and around clavicle: During menses, swelling is common, but if you feel a lump like a marble or a frozen pea around your breast or nipple, trust your gut can take a doctor’s appointment. If the lump or swelling lasts more than seven days, it means cancer has intensified inside your body and has reached lymph nodes and its part.

Remember, if you ever examine a change in your breast shape and know it’s not because of hormones, go for a checkup. Cancer, if diagnosed at an early stage, can be cured very easily by doctors. So, don’t panic and take care of yourself. It cannot be prevented, but women can reduce the risk of it. A healthy balanced diet with yoga, maintaining a healthy weight, and limiting alcohol and tobacco consumption can control cancer to a large extent. Embrace yourself and stay healthy!

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