What does GOTS Certification for Baby Clothes really mean?

It is a fact that the textile industry can be the most polluting one in this world. A bunch of hazardous chemicals is often used in the production process. Babies do have very sensitive skin because their last and protective layer of the skin is not completely formed. It makes things complicated for parents and now they have to think twice while going on baby cloth shopping. So, it is particularly important to check a reliable source to get organic cotton cloth, which is the most recommended one.    

It can be very difficult for consumers to differentiate between organic/ethical cloth from non-organic clothing. Any manufacturer can claim that they are offering organic baby clothing. Consumers cannot just identify organic clothing with a touch or feeling it. That’s where the GOTS certificate plays its part. 

What do you mean by GOTS?

GOTs in short for Global Organic Textile Standard is a worldwide leading textile processing standard. Any organic clothing should have this independent certification for the entire textile supply chain. Consumers can rely on GOTS certified organic cotton without any doubts. 

The ultimate aim of the GOTS certification is to give a worldwide recognition for organic textures. It gives assurance for the consumers regarding the entire process of textile preparation. Starting from raw material harvesting to labeling the baby clothes, everything is credited as good to use when it is under GOTS certification. 

It is a great thing for all the textile manufacturers and processors as they can easily export baby clothes anywhere with one expert certification. Tiny twig ensures all our baby clothes get certified by GOTS before putting it in the market for consumers to buy. 

Baby Clothes with GOTS Certification

There is much more to know about GOTS if this is the first time you are learning about it. Getting a GOTS certification for a final organic baby cloth meant that all the manufacturing process rules are followed. A simple reference as an organic/ethical stamp on the baby clothes is not enough to say that it is clean and hazardous chemical-free.  

Consumers can trust the baby clothing manufacturing when it has got the GOTS stamp on it. The production is done in the best environmental and socially responsible conditions. It does have less impact on nature as there is no usage of hazardous chemicals. Manufacturers make sure that their products are GOTS certified baby products. To ensure the reputation and get the certification for sure, they avoid the usage of fertilizers, pesticides, and any other chemical harmful agents that can hurt the baby’s skin.  

GOTs Certification Requirements

This is for consumers who want to know more about the manufacturing of organic clothing. There are certain requirements that are surely followed by all the baby cloth manufacturers to ensure consumer satisfaction and safety.  

  • The toxic chemicals like heavy metals, formaldehyde, and nominated flame retardants should be avoided. 
  • Dyes used for the baby organic clothing must be naturally derived or from safe synthetics as mentioned importantly in the GOTS manufacturing rules. 
  • Manufacturers are obliged not to use any kind of method which affects the workers. 
  • Manufacturers need to maintain all the environmental policies and procedures to monitor and improve performance. 
  • It is required to make sure that the organic textiles must be transported and stored carefully and avoid all kinds of contamination. 
  • There should not be any chlorinated plastics in the packaging materials. 
  • All the packaging materials used must be recycled products. 
  • All the transportation routes must be documented. 
  • Washing and coloring of the textiles must meet up to specific quality standards. 
  • The working conditions must be safe and there should be fare wages and avoid any child labor. 

Do you think is it necessary to check for GOTS certification on the baby products while purchasing?

Here is a brief about GOTS certified baby products which help you understand the importance of certified products. As said in the beginning, baby skin is sensitive, and using any clothing for them can be harmful. By ensuring that you got organic/ethnic clothing for your babies, you will ensure that there is harm done to their skin. 

GOTS Certified Brand

Tiny twig baby clothes do have GOTS certification. We have a variety of collections that are all 100% organic which gives your baby the best care. We have got high-quality products which will leave no choice for customers, but to buy them.   

As a parent, you think about your child’s safety and as manufacturers, we think about you as in our customer’s safety. Rest assured you will get the best and certified quality baby clothes from us.

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