Vaccines to Cancer Treatment Outcomes?

Vaccines play a critical role in healthcare. From flu shots to chicken pox vaccines, the use in preventing contagion is vital. And, now, French researchers present a breakthrough. They actually used rotavirus vaccines and claim it helps in cancer treatment.

About the Study:

A team of researchers from across the nation – Paris, Villejuif, Lyon and other places – joined hands for the study. The question, the team got together to know whether repurposing vaccines is an option to overcome immunotherapy resistance. And, the checkpoint blockade immunotherapy was of particular interest.

And, from the details of the study, it seems the answer is in affirmative which is reason o rejoice for many. As per Dr. Tala Shekarian . Rotavirus vaccine – Rotateq and Rotarix, consist of immunostimulatory and oncolytic properties. With features of immunogenic cell-death, they can kill cancer cells. Besides, in vivo, it has anti-tumor effects. To add to this, these are primarily immune mediated.

Putting in Perspective – Significance of Research Study

This research proves that intra-tumoral rotavirus can penetrate resistance to targeted therapy. This has surprise many including renowned scientists. This is good news for those addressing multiple cancer forms. It aids in making checkpoint blockade immunotherapy better.

In particular, it is helpful because it makes immune system recognize malignant cells better. It is pertinent to note how Keytruda worked wonders for ling cancer. It is a medication that transformed outcomes of non-small-cell lung cancer treatment. And, it is a checkpoint inhibitor drug.

Therefore, it is also worth noting here that the fact that rotavirus vaccines are already approved is a major plus. Additionally, the safety profile is high and goes well with the respective checkpoint inhibitor treatments.

Notably, Shekarian points out that many viruses have anticancer properties. And, thus, one should not limit scope to rotavirus.

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