US Farmers struggle to Hold Up with Demand for Industrial Hemp

CBD aka cannabidiol is the latest favorite when it comes to beauty products in Hollywood. According to investment research firm Cowen, the retail sale of cannabis-compound CBD would hit US$16 billion by 2025. Congress in the U.S has legalized industrial hemp in last December. Along with it, they have also legalized hemp-derived CBD – a cannabis compound which supposedly delivers marijuana’s calming effects. However, industries are going through difficulties in producing hemp as the process is huge – from plants, to extraction and labs.

George Weiblen, professor at Minnesota University said that producing industrial hemp to meet the demand itself appeared as big challenge. He also asserted that the production of industrial hemp is not as simple as growing tomatoes. The process is indeed difficult, considering the huge possibility of failure in producing quality cannabis. Moreover, it is even difficult for the U.S farmers to set a proper guideline for growing hemp for CBD.

Farmers Trying to Differentiate Themselves and Prove their Products’ Legit

Christian Cypher, senior vice president at Pyxus International stated that before the legalization, farmers used different techniques for growing hemp. However, the process of growing hemp is highly intensive and expensive. This is because the extraction of CBD from a hemp flower is difficult. Moreover, industrial hemp also produces a little amount of CBD, which is not worth the money for harvesting hemp.

Farmers are now struggling the most as they need to find out the amount of CBD their plants produce. However, some farmers send their CBD extracts in anyway as there aren’t federal laws for companies to test CBD.

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