United Stated approved first Gene Therapy for Childhood Leukemia

U.S. health officials have recently approved a new technique of treatment that involves changing blood cells to destroy childhood leukemia. This treatment genetically engineers cells to turn them cells that can seek leukemia. This is the first gene therapy and was approved on Wednesday this week. This technology will be produced for each individual from the scratch, considering their blood cells. It is expected that this treatment will evolve and will be able to fight various tumors and cancers. The price for infusing CAR-T cells, cells that will kill harmful cells is set to be $475,000. However, if the patients don’t get positive response in a month of treatment, the patients will not be charged with any amount money.

Technology of Future that Deals with Genes

Dr. Stephan Grupp said that this is the most advanced method for cancer treatment. He is the doctor from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and treated the first patient with this therapy called CAR-T cell therapy. The patient he treated was a girl who had been near death, who is now cancer-free and healthy. Cancer evades immune systems, this technique turbocharges T cells instead of fixing disease causing cells. Scott Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner said that with this medical technology the patient’s own cells will be able to attack deadly cancers and this would save many lives in the coming future.

A key research studied 63 patients and among them 83 percent needed to go to remission after receiving these cells. Currently, it is not estimated that for how long these benefits can last. However, researchers and doctors around the world are optimist about the evolution of this technology to cure numerous cancers.

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