The Molecule Responsible for Aging and Weight Loss

Aging impacts several functions of the human body. And, there are several ways a person can slow down aging. Simple steps like diet restrictions and exercise can help slow down aging. Not just that, these steps can also help improve one’s cognitive abilities. For instance, intermittent fasting can improve cognitive abilities as it helps regenerate neurons in the brain.

Further, steps like these can reduce the risk of cardiovascular conditions and the risk of cancer. Also, they can help in improving neurogenesis. Aging Cell journal published the findings of the study recently.

GDF11 is the Molecule

They say that when an old mice was infused with the blood of a young mice, they witnessed better rejuvenation. As a result, it improved the blood flow in the brains.

And, scientists feel that when calorie reduction and supplementation of an organism with young blood has the same effect, there is something in common. That is, they hint at a theory where the process in both these measures are same.

GDF that stands for growth differentiation factor is a family of proteins.Researchers has studied the effect of GDF11 in aging and weight loss. They studied the impact of this molecule in a mice model. Further, they injected a mice with GDF11 and observed neurogenesis. Then they infused GDF11 into another mice without changing its appetite. As a result, they found that the mice reduced weight.

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