Technology at Play – Treating Inflammatory Diseases

A potential new treatment for inflammatory diseases is in the works. And, as per researchers from Washington State University, this is excellent news for people with diseases like sepsis and arthritis.

The details of the study are in the Journal Science Advances. It shows how the study is all about a novel, patent-pending technology. It shows how researchers used Nano sized particles in order to facilitate transportation if drugs to targeted neutrophils. As, these cells cause exaggerated immune responses that cause inflammation, such a technology is majorly helpful.

Understanding How the Technology Works

It allows selective killing. The activated neutrophils are the only targets and thus no other cells face the brunt of the drug induced violence. Besides, it ensures immunity stays in the top of the shape.

The study, thus, is a result of understanding that the good guy – neutrophils – can also be the villains. As Dr. Zhenjia Wang, Associate Professor at Washington State University, puts it – there are benevolent components going rogue. He belongs to the college of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Understanding Neutrophils – The Guys behind the Good and the Bad
The Good:

It is critical to note that neutrophils form 70% of white blood cells (WBCs). And, they constitute the first line of defense when body is attacked by hostile foreign bodies. Besides, it is noteworthy that they are formed in the bone marrow. And, once produced, they carry the responsibility of patrolling for hostile bodies in the blood stream.

After patrolling for some eight to twenty hours, they return home to the marrow. Here, they succumb in a natural process called apoptosis. This is understood as programmed cell death. Mainly, cell death is important too as it allows maintain balance in the immune system.

The Bad:

Often pathogen caused inflammation or tissue damage leads to prolonging the lives of some neutrophils. When this happens, there is overpopulation is blood stream which leads to accumulation in and attack of the healthy tissues. And, this can lead to serious consequences such as diseases and death.

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