Technology and Patient Empowerment could Drive Future Healthcare

Healthcare across the world is transforming rapidly, thanks to the advancements in technology. A recent finding is that with the help of patient engagement technology, experts hope for building smart healthcare very soon. Smart healthcare – where patients keep chronic illnesses at bay managing and keeping track of their health.

Neal Batra, principal in Deloitte’s Life Sciences said that professionals are expecting patients to access their health data by 2040. However, such facility hopes to benefit patients in understanding whether they are at risk of developing a chronic illness or not. Moreover, patient engagement technology also provides necessary support to manage health risks and prevent diseases.

Rapid incorporation of advanced technologies in healthcare industry helps in overcoming various health related as well as cost issues. Moreover, these healthcare technologies have reached so far that patients and providers are on the front of life-ending diseases. Despite f all such advantages, building smart healthcare is challenging, Batra said. He further asserted that configuration of the industry still needs a lot of improvement. Such improvement should start from a point where the pharmaceutical companies would not stand to profit when people are sick.

Patient Willingness and Effective Technology would Prevent Disease Progression

Patient engagement technology would help patients in getting a voice in their own health. Moreover, such technology would enable patients in having a real preference and perspective. These perspectives and preferences would further impact the course and cost of treatments. Therefore, the healthcare industry would be seeing a far more powerful and sophisticated consumer.

However, the adoption of patient engagement technology hopes to promote holistic healthcare in near future, Batra added. For building smart healthcare, patient engagement tools need to be ready for patient’s use and should be smartphone friendly.

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