A Team of Researchers Discover New Factor in Gene Activation Process

In the last few years, scientists have been making efforts to find out how the nucleosome roadblock gets cleared out so as to allow genes to be turned on. A team of scientists that is being led by Jia Fei, postdoctoral researcher in James Kadonaga’s lab at the California University San Diego have identified a major aspect, which partially unravels the nucleosomes and then clears out the way for the genes to activate.

The identification of nucleosome destabilizer factor has been described thoroughly in the Genes and Development journal. In the research, they have stated that a new perspective have been given on how the genes are turned off and on, which will offer insights on how it is useful in the study of human diseases including, cancer that can be caused by the improper gene activity.

The team of researchers stated that they are privileged by discovering the new activity which is going to help in the regulation of genes. In addition to this, the breakthrough came as a conclusion of the interest of Fei’s interest in some of the vital factors that are expected to destabilize of disassemble nucleosomes. This innovative approach has resulted in the identification of the nucleosome destabilizer factor.

Genes are considered as special function segments in the DNA system, which is actually a long chain of molecules based on genetic instructions. When the genes are turned on, an enzyme that has been named as RNA polymerase passes along the DNA and further creates a working copy of the DNA. And this process led to the question regarding how the polymerase are travelling through nucleosomes.

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