Team of Researchers Develop Drones Taking Inspiration from Wasps

Wasps are considered as one of the most loathed creepy crawlies that are living on the planet. And recently, the buzzing of these wasps have been creating some inspiration for the team of scientists. These scientists are making efforts to create a super-strong flying drones and the results of the research studies have been quite remarkable. A team of researchers from the Stanford University of California and the EPFL in the Switzerland have together developed FlyCroTugs, which are flying micro tugging robots in order to be able to grip the objects and surfaces, such as insect that will interact with the environment.

When the wasps work together, in groups then these tiny drones are able to prose the open doors, lasso handles, and anchor themselves to the objects, which they can further drag along with a surface. One of the most impressive skill FlyCroTugs, which are present in their arsenal, is considered as one of the ability so as to drag the objects, which are around 40 times of their own weight. This means that they could further prove as quite useful in the rescue and search missions, especially where the tight spaces prevent the humans from allow giving access to the survivors.

The team of researchers have taken some inspiration from the nature and have created the robotic critters, which have three main features, including a winch so as to pull the anchor up, hold on to the object, and to keep the sticky feet quite secure. With these factors, the FlyCroTugs is expected to gain popularity over the next few years and find a large number of applications.

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