Team Efforts Seen in Building DNA from Scratch

Jef Boeke a researcher at New York University and his colleagues are working with yeast and chunks of manmade DNA. Already achieved making certain changes in DNA codes, scientists are now starting over and using scratch to build redesigned life forms. Jef is leading an international team on four continents with 11 laboratories who are following a plan published in March and working on rewriting yeast genome. Their aim is to create custom made DNA codes and insert them into living cells for treatment of diseases or to change their functioning. It could also help scientists to someday create entirely new organisms.

Way to new creation of genomes by scientists

According to Jef Boeke, if it can be learned to create a genome from scratch, something completely new can also be created. He also compared a genome with a many chaptered book and that the researchers are coming up with a new edition and with chapters that helps the book to do things it could never do before. Scientists, for redesigning a yeast DNA stretch, have to start with loading the sequence of code letters in a computer and then give tasks to the computer to make certain changes. The new sequence is then used as a blueprint. These blueprints are then sent to a company that builds DNA chunks with new sequences and these chunks are then joined together in a laboratory to build longer strands of DNA.

Until now, one third of the yeast genome has been built. According to Jef Boeke, the rest of the construction should be completed till the end of the year. However, it might take a longer time tro examine the new DNA and fix the issues to finally all the chunks to create a whole synthetic genome. In the last year, a separate cost cutting project was announced by Jef Boeke called as the Genome Project-write. This project is still in search of funding.

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