Study Reveals Bad Antibodies Can Offer Protection Too

In accordance with recent Australian research that has been published on Science, renowned science journal across the globe, the ‘bad apples’ of the human immune system could also be its secret weapon.
In the world for the very first time, researchers from Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney have discovered how the presence of ‘bad’ antibodies in the immune system of a body which are generally ‘silenced’ because they can cause harm to the body can offer crucial protection against many of the invading microbes. The research has initially being carried out in mice.
Redeemed Antibodies to Emerge as Weapon Against Various Diseases
The ‘bad’ antibodies are widely known to work against the tissues of a body and can often lead to autoimmune disease. For this very reason, it was once regarded that they were rejected by the immune system or that those antibodies were rendered inactive over a long period of time. However, these new findings reveal that for the very first time that ‘bad’ antibodies go through a process of rapid ‘redemption’ and are activated when the body is challenged with the threats of disease that various other antibodies are unable to tackle.
As a consequence, the ‘redeemed’ antibodies are no longer able to threaten the body, rather become powerful too so as to fight the disease and specially diseases that escape the immune system by camouflaging themselves so as to look like normal body tissue.
Professor Chris Goodnow, who has co-led this new research with assistant professor Daniel Christ both from the immunology division, Garvan, stated that these new findings will fundamentally alter the thinking about how the immune system protects us.
This research has been made possible through funding by National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia) and by the generosity of The Bill and Patricia Ritchie Foundation.

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