Sleeping Some More Might Lead Women to Better Bone Health

Recent study suggests that women who sleep more fare better at bone health. The study is gracing the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. And, it shows how little sleep is not worth much for the feminine gender. Mainly, it is because as far as Bone Mineral Density (BMD) and osteoporosis is concerned, longer duration of sleep fared better in the research,

About the Study – Placing the Research in Perspective and Understanding Procedure

It is pertinent to note here that 11084 women were a part of the study. And, all of them were post-menopausal. Out of these, the ones who slept for less than five hours or for five hours reported lower BMD. Additionally, it is important to note here that four sites of the human body were part of the assessment. And, these included whole body, total hip, spine and neck.

Again, those who slept for seven hours every night, fared much better. Thus, more sleep is beneficial for the ladies in the long-run.

As per numbers observed from the study, those who slept five hours or less lagged on two counts. One, they had 22 percent higher risk of low bone mass and 63% higher risk of osteoporosis of the hip. The results relating to spine presents similar patterns.

Significance of the Study Explained – Women’s Health at the Center of Study

Heather Orchs – Balcom, lead author of the study states that through the study, they strived to improve health of women. And, as research in the domain proves a positive correlation, another step is made in the right direction.

Additionally, this study should help women take better care of their health and sleep a good 7 hours or more. This is a standing recommendation of scientists for quite a while now and now there is more proof to support the claim.

Carol O. Brown

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