Skin Cells in Diabetics Transformed into Insulin-producing Cells

Researchers from Norway have implemented stem cell techniques to create insulin-producing cells by transforming skin puncture cells in diabetes patients. This research has been conducted by the University of Bergen where the researchers have been aiming to transplant insulin-producing cells under the skin of diabetics. The researchers have the belief that they are now just one step closer to curing diabetes with this commendable effort. Stem cell node leader of the University of Bergen’s K.G. Jebsen Centre for Diabetes Research, Professor Helge Ræder has considered the study as a step taken toward determining how stand-in cells could secrete insulin in the human body.

Researchers Look to Substitute Blood Sugar Measurements, Insulin Shots

The ultimate aim of the Norwegian researchers at the University of Bergen has been anticipated to transplant insulin-secreting cells in people with diabetes while replacing blood sugar measurements and insulin shots. This could be possible by implanting a capsule containing custom-built cells in diabetics. Professor Ræder has said that the study is a step further in regenerative medicine. He continued that while a lot may go wrong in this effort, it could be possible to cure diabetes with a successful approach.

If artificial insulin-producing cells are kept in view, the ongoing competition between scientists could become clearly visible as they try to restore insulin secretion within the body of diabetics. Professor Ræder has underlined that those capable of commercializing a successful treatment with this approach have a vast market out there. According to him, around 400 mn diabetics are present today across the world.

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