Scientists Find New Way to Treat Lung Cancer

A team of scientists at Norton Thoracic Institute has recently conducted a research on a new therapeutic avenue for a highly aggressive and difficult subgroup of lung cancer. The report was published in the August 15 issue of the institute’s Cancer Research. Timothy Whitsett and Landon Inge, assistant professors at the Institute, led the research that discovered that the patients of lung cancer, whose tumors possess certain genomic mutations, are expected to gain significant benefits from a new drug, which currently is in clinical trials.

Tumors that possess mutations in LKB1 and/or KRAS can usually be found among lung adenocarcinomas, the typical histotype of lung cancer, which continues to be the key cause of a large number of cancer-related deaths. These mutations are majorly associated with poor patient prognosis and aggressive progression of the disease, and have, historically, been very difficult to treat. “Scientists have highlight a therapeutic strategy in this research study, which may prove to be efficient in a group of patients suffering from lung cancer without reasonable therapeutic options,” states Dr. Whitsett.

Norton Thoracic Institute, headquartered at Phoenix-based Saint Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center and recognized for running the most demanded lung transplant program in the U.S., also specializes in the analysis, detection, and treatment of medical conditions related to chest, lungs, or esophagus. The institute is a national leader in the early diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of thoracic cancers, such as esophageal, lung, and gastric cancer. It is also dedicated to translational discoveries via scientific research, leading to the complete eradication of esophageal and lung diseases.

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