Scientists Discovered Combined Drug to Cure Depression

Depression is a very serious medical illness that has negative impact on a human. It affects the way one looks at things and how he acts. Depression can be treated not just with spiritual and motivational speeches and inspirational quotes but with medicines as well. Scientists at the University of Yale suggest combination of drugs in order to medicate such patients. The combination of ketamine and naltrexone is experimented together can help to treat symptoms of depression and addiction.

Depression and substance abuse are most commonly seen in patients and a scanty success rate in treating such patients is seen. According to their recent experiment, effects of antidepressant in ketamine can be intensified with adding naltrexone to it. In this way, patient addicted to alcohol and other opioid drugs can limit their cravings.

Yale University Researchers State Treatment of Depression is Possible

Five patients suffering from both substance abuse and depression disorders were kept under study. The results state that there is a possibility of people suffering from depression to likely adopt substance abuse in later years. The combination of naltrexone and ketamine can be used for optionally treating both these conditions. The test results positively in treating the five patients with a long-lasting type of naltrexone, and then administering ketamine. Four reacted to the first dose of ketamine and all five showed relief results from depression after receiving multiple doses.

Scientists still need more time to completely guarantee the positive results of such treatment. Thus, depression and substance abuse can see a better way out of human sufferings.

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