Sci-fi Changing the Future of Fertility and More

Science is working on experimental approaches to enhance the odds of an embryo by hacking reproductive biology. Massachusetts-based OvaScience has come up with a technique that spikes a woman’s eggs with youthful energy by taking the young mitochondria from the immature egg cells and injecting them into the mature eggs. This process increases the chance of pregnancy by replacing the old and worn out mitochondria and refreshing the egg with young mitochondria. Reports suggest that 25 to 53% women undergoing this procedure became pregnant. OvaScience is offering this procedure in United Arab Emirates, Canada, and Turkey.

Lack of Knowledge about Reproductive Health is a Big Problem

Some companies on the other hand, are tackling what they see as the biggest problem – a lack of knowledge about fertility. Angie Lee form Celmatix said that a large number of women lack the basic understanding of their reproductive health. Celmatix is a fertility-prediction company that developed the world’s first genetic screening test for reproductive health. This test is aimed at assessing a woman’s risk for fertility problems. With an aim to empower women with as much information as possible about their fertility and where they stand, the company strives to help couples struggling to conceive.

Science and Innovations Create Hope for Struggling Couples to Conceive

Innovations such as IVF that makes use of DNA from three parents are being sought to help couples finding difficult to conceive. Fertility treatments are not just expensive, but also do not assure hundred percent success. Yet they are being opted for because, it is always nice to know that there is still a chance. For instance, freezing the eggs or embryos so that one can have a little more time is encouraging and empowering.

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