Say Hello to the New Glassfrog from Ecuador

In a recently published paper by a team of scientists under Dr. Juan Guayasamin, it has been revealed that a new type of glassfrog, or glass frog, has been discovered in Ecuador. The lead scientist from Universidad San Francisco de Quinto has named the new species as the Yaku glassfrog.

Scientists Describe the New Glassfrog
The reportedly newly discovered species is merely 0.8 to 0.9 inches in length, or 2 to 2.2 cm. the Yaku glassfrog, or Hyalinobatrachium yaku, according to Dr. Juan, can be described as one with relatively large dark green spots present on the back of its head. The new species is also said to have a distinctly long call.

The glassfrog is also said to show unique mating habits. The male Yaku glassfrog often calls from under leaves and is often the one to tend to the clusters of eggs. So far, the Yaku glassfrog has only been known to exist in the Amazonian lowlands within Ecuador, within an altitude of 1,180 feet down to 985 feet.

What are Glassfrogs?
The glassfrog belongs to the Centrolenidae family, which currently is known to hold over 150 species. They are generally found within the neotropical regions from south Mexico to the Northen half of South America and throughout Central America. They are also found along the Atlantic Forest and even in the far northeast borders of Argentina. Their commonly known background coloration is green, while some glassfrogs are known to have translucent abdominal skins.

According to Dr. Guayasamin, the Yaku glassfrog is likely to hold a broader distribution and could potentially be found in adjacent Peru as well.

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