Rising Cases of Needlestick Wounds to Boost Demand in Global Needleless IV Access Valves & Accessories Market


By and by, various kinds of needle less intravenous access valves and accessories are accessible in the market, which vary as per the usage characteristics and appearance. The outer covering of a needleless connector can be hazy, transparent, or colored and the connecting surface can be concave, angled, or a flat core.

Some of the key propelling factors behind the rise of the needleless IV access valves and accessories market are rising cases of needlestick wounds among healthcare professionals, rising interest for better and more proper needleless frameworks, and rising awareness about advantages related with these devices. As indicated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, consistently, 384,000 needlestick wounds and several sharps-related wounds occur due to negligence of hospital staff. This implies an average of around 1,000 sharps-related wounds happen each day in the U.S. hospitals. In any case, these needleless frameworks have been related with growing complexities, for example, catheter-related bloodstream infection (CRBSI) and catheter lumen occlusion, which may limit the market growth with the forecast period.

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The needleless IV access valves & accessories market is segmented on the basis of product, and geography, and end-user. As per the product, the needleless IV access valves & accessories market is categorized into accessories and access valves. Among these, the access valves segment is sub-divided into normally closed valves, low-pressure valves, dual-check valves, and so on. As per the end-user, the needleless IV access valves & accessories market is classified into ambulatory surgical centers, clinics, hospitals, and others.

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