Researchers Reiterate Benefits of Physical Activity for Older People

In the United States, heart disease is by far the most common reason for death among men as well as women. The disease is responsible for roughly 1 out of 4 deaths. Nearly 610,000 people die of heart disease each year in the US. Whereas, around 735,000 suffer a heart attack. These certainly are quite staggering numbers!

Adults over 65 years of age are more susceptible to have a heart problem than younger individuals. This is because the heart changes with age. According to the National Institute of Aging, the cardiac disorder is one of the leading factors for causing disability. Their report also states that it has an adverse effect on millions of lives, among older individuals in particular.
Now, a new research study has reiterated the perks of exercise for both mental health as well as physical activity irrespective of an individual’s age.

Physical Fitness Complements Healthy Heart

In fact, the research believes that the older population can benefit the most by being physically and mentally fit. The research, now featured in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, states that older people receive maximum benefits from the psychological and physiological rehabilitation programs. However, a concerning fact is that the group is least represented. The study suggests that a key factor behind the low representation may be because of doctors who are less likely to recommend older people to these rehab centers.

Regular physical activity can help in slowing down the heart, ease stress, and reduce blood pressure. It can also help in improving the oxygen efficiency and boosting morale. Physical activity helps in weight loss, which is a key factor in causing heart disease. Moreover, it promotes faster and healthier recovery and at times reduce the dependency on medications. All these benefits directly complement the conditions of older people who are at greater risk of suffering from heart disease.

Carol O. Brown

A computer science engineer, Carol O. Brown has always been intrigues by health science. This led her to become a healthcare writer. She is a digital marketing professional with more than three years’ experience.

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