Researchers Mull Hybrid Vaccines Strategy for Preventing Lyme Disease

The severity of Lyme disease is evident in the marked medical burden and the prevalence it has in certain parts of the world, particularly in the Northern hemisphere. Despite this, there is a significant lack of effective prevention let alone the lack of control strategies. The use of vaccination as an effective prevention strategy for common tick-borne illness has long been in scientific debates. Researchers, academia, and healthcare professionals are recognizing the role of broadly protective vaccine for preventing Lyme disease.

Untreated Lyme Disease and Recurrence Pose Huge Challenge

In recent years, the incidence of the Lyme disease has markedly grown in the U.S. and Europe. Even when treated successful, the risk of reoccurrence is real. And most importantly, when the condition may lead to the serious of the nerve, heart, and joints. Existing countermeasure strategies mainly comprise guidance on avoiding tick bites. Numerous researchers flocked to the Banbury Center to discuss a promising strategy to prevent the disease.

New Vaccine will Kill Both Microbe and Tick Carrier

Amid intense discussion, the researchers arrived at the conclusion that a hybrid vaccine strategy might go a long way in preventing it. The vaccine they are aiming to develop will kill the bacteria as well as the tick carrier. Among other things, the scientists also looked at social impact on the choice of personal immunization, since the Lyme disease is not contagious.

Earlier, several discussions on managing the Lyme disease have proved helpful. As a result, a number of effective diagnostics are in the market. The results of the above study has taken this further. They will likely open a promising paradigm in arresting the incidence and prevalence of the disease.

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