Researchers Identify Growth Hormone’s Reversible Action during Weight Loss

We all must have heard of how growth hormone functions when we become an adolescent or adult. But, little do we know how this hormone functions when you lose weight. San Paulo University’s researchers have unveiled a distinct functionality while studying the growth hormone (GH). Growth hormone primarily stimulates skeletal maturation and promotes linear bone growth. However, researchers have uncovered a relationship between losing weight and the impact of GH on the human brain.

Jose Donato, a professor at Biomedical Science Institute said that this new research ensured the existence of GH receptors in the brain. Moreover, the professor asserted that such brain GH was not completely involved in growth metabolism. Further digging reveals the involvement of brain GH in intriguing the metabolic responses which conserve energy. However, this discovery answers the highly asked question related to the difficulty in losing weight.

Activated AgRP Neurons Make Weight Loss Harder and Intensify Sense of Hunger

Researchers have spent hours to reveal the true fact behind regaining weight easily even after a successful diet. Donato further added that for many years leptin was considered a hormone which directly acted on conserving energy while dieting. However, recently researchers have discovered the function of brain GH is close to leptin in response to weight loss. Although, the twist here is elevating GH levels while leptin falls. Therefore, rapid weight loss triggers rise of GH levels in bloodstream.

Furthermore, researchers have also observed the role of brain GH receptors in activating AgRP neurons. These specific group of neurons increase AgRP production under a stimulation. However, such AgRP takes a role in increasing appetite and diminishing energy metabolism.

This discovery makes us understand why solely leptin based weight loss treatments don’t work effectively. However, it also reveals the importance of dealing with GH hormones at the same time when it comes to weight loss.

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