Researchers Found that High Level of Iron to Rise Risks of Strokes

A team of researchers from the Imperial College in London have discovered that people with a bit high level of iron is considered to have a great risk for several types of strokes. The new research study has analyzed the genetic data of around 48,000 people, which have revealed that the high level of iron levels are quite associated with an elevated risk of a specific type of stroke, which is known as cardioembolic stroke. These strokes are particularly caused by the blood clots that are travelling from the heart to the brain, which further blocks oxygen and blood supply.

These often are related to the type of heart condition, which is called as atrial fibrillation that causes an irregular heart beat and further affects around one million of people across the U.K. The findings in the research study have been published in the Journal Stroke that follows the previous research, which suggests that the content of iron may protect against the stroke and the coronary artery disease.

The lead author of the research study, Dr. Dipender Gill has stated that the research states that the result was quite unexpected. It was earlier thought that the high level of iron is expected to protect against the stroke; however, the study analyzes the study in order to find the iron may actually rise in the risk of some types of the stroke. In addition to this, the research is at an early stage to recommend the people for the assessment of their iron intake.

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