Researchers Develop Smart Drugs that Enable Enrichment Triggered Activation of Drug Molecules

Researchers at the Georgia State University have developed a method for activating smart drugs or targeted drugs only and the desired site which helps in bringing about the minimization of any side effects to the other parts of the body as well as boosts the therapeutic effect of the drug on the site which is targeted. While smart drugs have helped improve the delivery of pharmaceutical drugs, the issue of when to trigger the release of drugs and how to trigger the same has been a task which was not yet resolved.

This new research has introduced a new concept and a new chemistry for allowing and enrichment triggered activation of the drug molecule after it has been delivered to the desired site or location. The goal is to enable high concentration of the drug at the desired location or site yet to ensure that the drug concentration is minimized everywhere else. One can actually think of it as a guided missile.

Most other chemical approaches are not specific enough and brings about a premature release of the drug and that do in general circulation. However, this new development allows for a controlled-release after the concentration of the drug has reached a certain level. The researchers conducted a test in order to find out the efficiency of this newly developed targeted drug-delivery approach. They administered carbon monoxide to mice for the treatment of liver injury. What they found was that this method of drug delivery had an extremely potent effect which was around 10 to 30 times efficient than conventional method of drug delivery.

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