Researchers Develop New Cancer Test to Quickly Detect Cancer Using Smartphones

In the last few years, the cases of cancer have increased drastically across the globe. A large number of patients have a lack of access to advanced facilities for the detection of the disease, especially in developing nations. The early detection of cancer helps in enhancing the odds of the successful treatment. In order to improve this issue, a team of researchers from the University of Buffalo has created a new tool that helps in spotting cancer, which can be further used by the healthcare providers in specific areas that lack clinics, hospitals, and other treatment centers.

The cancer-detecting tool has been described in several research papers that were also published in the IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in the ACS Sensors (July 2018) and Quantum Electronics (August 2017). This tool is based upon a unique and advanced gold biosensor. The tool after it is paired with a smartphone or a computer and other inexpensive tools, the system allows the spotting of cancer biomarkers using a blood sample.

The use of computers and smartphones has increased substantially in places where the basic health care is not available. The team of researchers have taken advantage of this and further have designed a simple and effective cancer screening system. The team believes they can eventually be deployed to the areas where they need it more. After conducting several tests, the team states that their tests have exhibited effective results similar to the diagnostics tests that are used by several hospitals. They are further making notable efforts to refine their system and make it available for the people who need it the most.

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