Researchers Claim Healthy Diet Can Reduce Symptoms of Depression

In a recent study, researchers have been successful in linking the connection between unhealthy food and depression. In a study where young adults with an unhealthy diet in general and suffering from depression were given a high-quality diet. This course of a healthy diet was for three weeks. The results show that with a healthy diet the subjects have considerably fewer symptoms of depression.

The study is now live on the open-access journal ‘PLOS ONE’. This journal is an initiative by Heather Francis and colleagues from Macquarie University in Australia.

Much of the research has been focusing on the benefits of having a healthy diet that helps in cutting down the symptoms of depression. The diet is full of lean meat, vegetables, fruits, and fish. However, there have been some random controlled trials that directly tried to link between depression and a healthy diet. With the focus on the diet of young adults, the trials established a health pattern for those who were at a higher risk of suffering depression.

Eat Healthily, Be Happy

The research by Francis and colleagues includes a study on nearly 76 students from the university. The age group of participants ranged from 17 to 35. All the subjects exhibited moderate to high symptoms of depression and were following a substandard diet as per the norms set by the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. The researchers randomly put participants in a regular diet group or a diet change group. There were some special instructions, vouchers and a few funds for people in the diet change group. Whereas, the participants in the regular diet group didn’t receive any special instructions of any kind.

Both the set of participants turned up after three weeks. The study assessed the participants for their scores of anxiety, depression and overall mood, both prior and after the intervention. At the end of the three weeks period, the participants who maintained a healthy diet showed considerable improvement in their scores for depression, anxiety, and overall mood.

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