Remote Patient Monitoring is the New Focus for Medical Institutes

Offering custom care to the patients has been the pillars of success for the healthcare industry. However, a new concept is storming the industry with opportunities. This concept is remote patient monitoring or RPM. With the help of IoT and ML these solutions can connect a patient at a distance directly with the hospital. Looking at these benefits and values for their business, majority of the medical institutions are implementing remote patient monitoring solutions.

What Stimulates the Adoption of these Solutions?

According to Spyglass survey, remote patient monitoring solutions are helping the care providers to monitor and manage the patients that are high risk. These solutions also help the patients that are suffering from chronic conditions are unable to reach the hospitals. As per the survey, based on the benefits, 9 out of 10 hospitals are either planning to incorporate the remote patient monitoring solutions or have already implemented them.

Also, in terms of business, a remote patient monitoring solution adds customer satisfaction and custom treatment as value to the medical institutes. With the remote patient monitoring solutions, these businesses and solution developers can gain a major share in the market.

What Restrain The Full Deployment of the Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions?

The full deployment of these solutions cannot achieve practical success because of lack of awareness among the patients. Moreover, the cost of these solutions also restricts the full-scale deployment. TO overcome these challenged the businesses are developing cost-effective and efficient remote patient solutions that can add value to the healthcare industry.

The patients shall be able to use these patients’ assistance remotely with the help of their smartphones and tablets. Moreover devices like smartwatches and other wearables.

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