Remote Endarterectomy Devices Market to Expand with Significant CAGR During 2027


Remote Endarterectomy (RE) is minimally invasive procedure which is a combination of surgical and endovascular techniques. Remote Endarterectomy (RE) is performed through a small inguinal incision. Although it is implemented through a small inguinal incision, it allows the complete debulking of the arterial plaque. Remote Endarterectomy is basically used for the treatment of long-segmented superficial femoral artery (SFA) occlusive disease. This procedure is more preferred over other processes for the reason that, it is also used to treat iliac artery occlusive disease and stent removal. RE is a better and long-lasting alternative for the standard bypass procedures. Remote Endarterectomy Device are the devices which are mainly used to remove the severe atherosclerotic blockages from the major arteries of the leg in an invasive procedure requiring a single incision in the research. The current Remote Endarterectomy Device on the market has limited applications due to its design. Remote Endarterectomy is used in the peripheral vascular surgery to eliminate plaque from an occluded femoral artery. Use and maintain the native artery. Products which are presently used by the surgeons have restricted flexibility with a fixed diameter metal ring that cannot accommodate changes in the size of the artery and irregular, calcified plaque formation.

The global Remote Endarterectomy device market is driven by the increase in the incidence and diagnosis of peripheral vascular disease. Moreover due to the shift to higher priced endovascular devices, the global remote endartectomy device market is increasing. Favorable reimbursement policies are likely to drive the global remote endartectomy devices market. The western healthcare standards adopted by the developing world is also driving the market. With a better designed Remote Endarterectomy devices, more surgeons would be willing to utilize this technique. Furthermore market consolidation, lack of skilled resources are the key factors which restrict the growth of global remote endartectomy device market.

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Some of the players identified in remote endarterectomy devices market include LeMaitre Vascular, Inc., Scanlan International, Inc., McLean Medical and scientific, Inc., , 3M Company, Accuray Incorporated, Alliqua BioMedical, Inc., Bovie Medical Corporation Scanlan group BV, Delcath Systems, Inc., ICU Medical, Inc., iRhythm Technologies, Inc., IsoRay, Inc., MiMedx Group, Inc., NeuroMetrix, Inc., Sensus Healthcare, Inc., NovoCure Limited, Penumbra, Inc., Valeritas Holdings, Inc., Teleflex Incorporated

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