A Ray of Hope for Type 1 Diabetes

Very-low-carbohydrate diets can better control of blood sugar in type 1 diabetes, with low rates of hypoglycemia and various other complications, in accordance with an online patient survey. The researchers who are led by Belinda Lennerz, MD, PhD, and David Ludwig, MD, PhD, of Boston Children’s Hospital, now call for controlled clinical trials of pertaining to this approach.
 Very-Low-Carbohydrate Diet Needs Further Exploration
The patients for the purpose of this study were drawn from TypeOneGrit which is a Facebook community of people with type 1 diabetes and are committed to a very-low-carbohydrate diet in accordance with the recommendations by the book Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution, with Richard Bernstein, MD, as a co-author on the study.
Of all 493 people who took part in this survey, 316 provided substantial information to be included in the analysis. For 138 of these participants, the researchers were able to confirm diagnosis of diabetes, metabolic health measures, blood-sugar control measures, and other outcomes with health care providers or through review of various medical records. Children comprised forty-two percent of the participants.
The authors of this study take a note that severe carbohydrate restriction is actually quite an old approach in type 1 diabetes. Earlier, before the discovery of insulin, it prolonged lives of the children, sometimes for years. With the introduction of insulin, carbohydrate restriction fell out of practice.
But the authors of this study believe that very-low-carbohydrate diets do deserve further exploration and study in type 1 diabetes. As this study was observational in nature and not a controlled one, they call for clinical trials which are random so as to rigorously test the diet’s efficacy and safety.
Findings of this study were reported in the journal Pediatrics.

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