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We at The Global Health News want our audience to get acquainted with our Privacy Policy with regards to the gathering of user-related data and its usage. Upon using this site, you have agreed to its Privacy Policy and all its terms and conditions. The site is aimed at a general audience, not particularly targeted to children under 13 years of age, and does not knowingly accumulate personal information from them. This Privacy Policy applies to collective public data on The Global Health News and the acquisition and usage of your personal information. This includes any kind of information that identifies a particular person, such as their complete name or email address. The Privacy Policy also defines our practices for the treatment of non-personal information, including but not limited to, interests, demographics, and usage of services.


The Global Health News uses commercially judicious measures on its administrative, technical, personnel, and physical attributes to defend the information in its possession against theft, loss, disclosure, modification, or unauthorized usage. There is, however, no complete guarantee for the safety of the information that you provide.


If you would like to edit the information you have provided us in a manner that may otherwise limit our use of your personal information, you may contact us to do so. This includes changes regarding accessing, reviewing, correcting, updating, suppressing, or modifying any data that you have previously submitted. When you make your request, kindly include your email address, name, and telephone number, and please be specific about the information that you would like us to update or withhold. We will then attempt to fulfil your request as soon as rationally manageable.


The Global Health News and our service providers gather the following information from and about you:

  • Information you submit – It includes communications made via any mode, including newsletters that users may receive, the email addresses listed on the site, or site notifications. This information also includes details about a user, such as their name, email address, gender, and/or zip code.
  • Activity information – When you access data from the site and/or interact with it, we may collect or receive certain information about those visits. An instance of this would be when you connect to the site, our servers receive and store data about the device (IP address) and mode (browser) that you are using to access the site. Should a user access the site from devices that contain additional information, such as transaction data pertaining to the site or the user’s geolocation data, our servers may be required to store the information.
  • Information from external sources – We may add on to the information we have gathered from other sources to the original data. These external sources may include commercially available sources, publicly available information from social media services, and any data supplemented by our business partners.
  • Usage statistics – Third parties that support the site by providing added services may additionally utilize their technologies to collect information such as aggregate usage statistics and site heat maps. We do not control technologies of other companies; nor do we manage those protected by external privacy policies.
  • Cookies and other tracking technologies – This includes pixel data, beacons, browser cookies, and Adobe Flash technology. Additional technologies may also be used to collect and store information about your site usage, including page visits, viewed and subscribed content, search queries made, and viewed advertisements.


The information that has been collected from you will be utilized by us in order to facilitate features of the site, including: the rating and enhancement of those features; to develop your experience on the site by offering you any content that you may find interesting and relevant to your endeavors; and to manage an optimal query response system.

In the event that the data gathered about you or from you identifies you as anything apart from a specific person, we are not obliged to withhold your data from third parties or avoid its use for any purpose.

The data collected about you and from you can be used by us, The Global Health News, for the following supplementary purposes:

  • To permit service providers in contributing to us by managing and providing information to the site. The Global Health News reserves the right to conditionally make your information available to certain third-party service providers, including contractors, agents, or sponsors, whose efforts have helped us manage and maintain the information on the site.
  • To carry through an asset’s merger or sale. In the circumstance where The Global Health News sells all or part of its business, we may hand over your information to the party/parties that were a part of the transaction. This also includes the sale or transfer of its assets to a third party, or the involvement in a merger or transfer of all or a material part of its business.
  • To defend the rights of The Global Health News and the involved entities. There may be instances when we may reveal your information, or conditions where The Global Health News holds the virtue of judging that such disclosure is necessary in order to:
    • Uphold the security, privacy, and security of the public or the users of the site
    • Defend, administer, or preserve the safety, privacy, or legal rights of The Global Health News and its property
    • Observe the law or legal process in its entirety
    • Defend against scams or for the sake of managing incoming threats
    • Answer public appeals and government authority appeals equally
  • To contact you. The Global Health News may intermittently transmit materials and notifications associated with the site. If a user wants to stop or refrain from receiving the aforementioned materials and notifications, they can follow the directions for unsubscribing from content, or contact us. There are, however, specific service notification communications that you may not be able to opt out of, such as notifications of changes to policies of the site.


Updates to Privacy Policy: We may modify this Privacy Policy. Any alterations to this Privacy Policy will come into effect when we post the revised Privacy Policy on the Site.

Linked Services: The site may also be linked to/by unaffiliated sites, and may carry additional advertisements, applications, functionalities, or content offerings that are primarily developed and run by the said unaffiliated companies and their sites. We are not responsible for the practices and/or privacy policies adopted by the said unaffiliated companies. It is advised that you check the applicable privacy policy of other service providers when you leave this site to access theirs.

Data Retention: Data generated on the site can and will be retained for a required minimum time in order achieve the purposes that this Privacy Policy has mentioned, unless a longer retention period is required for the same, or is permissible by law.

Data Deletion: Readers are requested to understand that it is impossible to entirely delete or erase all of your information due to reasons that are technical, contractual, financial or legal in nature.

Sensitive Information: We urge you to avoid sending us, or voluntarily disclosing to us, any personal information considered as sensitive. This includes social security numbers, racial or ethnic background information, religious or such beliefs, political opinions, health records, trade union details, or criminal histories on or through the site or otherwise.


If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at: Email: