Pregnancy Tough for Young Cancer Survivors, Says New Study

A recent study represented at the Health Failure 2018 has reiterated that females who have survived cancer and try to conceive late in life are at high risk of deadly hearth disease. The researchers has notified that young cancer survivors stand strongly vulnerable to a heart complication called as peripartum cardiomyopathy. The study has also concluded that women with existence of this complication have a potential of redeveloping cancer if aspire to get pregnant.

According to the author of the research study, Professor Denis Hilfiker-Kleiner, peripartum cardiomyopathy and cancer constitute of similar biological markers in their blood stream. This deadly disorder leads to expansion of heart as well as weakening or it late in pregnancy or even after the birth of the child. This is noted nearly once in a thousand cases across the world.

If not detected and treated in the initial stages, over 30 percent of the patients succumb to the disease while less than half of them manage to completely recover. The study has detected that the treatment of cardiotoxic anticancer can lead to injuries to heart and after a few years, they become incapable of holding another stress such as pregnancy.

During this research broken down into two steps, samples of as many as 29 healthy women and 47 of those who suffered from peripartum cardiomyopathy were analyzed. All around the same age group, those subjects with higher markers of peripartum cardiomyophathy group exhibited higher growth of HER2, which is a protein that elevates in one out of five breast cancers.

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