Post Menopausal Women At Greater Risk of Stroke When Consume Excessive Diet Drinks

Consumption of excessive diet beverages by post-menopausal women was observed to be at a greater risk of suffering from various illnesses such as blocked artery, particularly small arteries, as per the study reported in Stroke, American Heart Association journal.

This is among the initial researches that studied the association between particular stroke and consumption of diet drinks by post-menopausal women. Even though the research between stroke and diet drinks, it doesn’t prove the effect and cause, since it was an observational research, as per the self-given info about diet beverages.

Ladies who consumed excessive diet beverages every day were found to have following results:

• 23 % more possibility of stroke
• 31 % greater possibility of ischemic stroke;
• 29 % more probability of suffering from heart ailment, for example, non-fatal or fatal heart attack
• 16 % more possibilities to suffer from any chronic disease and die

The scientists figured that the effects were more harmful on women. Excessive consumption of diet beverages, more than twice a day, doubles the possibilities of increased stroke among:

• Females who do not have any previous record of diabetes and heart ailment.
• Females who were at a greater risk of 2.44 times to suffer from some or the other kind of stroke, which occur by blockage of some small arteries in the brain.
• Women suffering from obesity, who do not have any history of diabetes or heart illness, with 2.03 times greater risk of stroke due to clot.

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