Positive Reports on US Medicare and Social Security

The United States holds Social Security and Medicare among its more important aspects in terms of implementing social programs. The annual trustees’ reports therefore play a massive role in the shaping of these models and eventually, the nation. They can be used to evaluate the financial standing of the two U.S. programs, and the current year’s reports have come in largely positive.

Consistence Bodes Well
Two reasons were marked for the low key reader response from the release of the reports. Firstly, several ongoing factors in the nation are getting more media coverage, and secondly, the overall changes in the reports are so far minimal than what they stood at last year. It may not be reflective on the Social Security program, but a no major change shown in the report for Medicare is a huge leap towards a positive standing for the program. This is because although the overall report may be showing no change, it is showing no change despite the board of trustees being completely different than before. The members in the board of trustees have changed drastically between 2016 and 2017, and yet their goals and beliefs seems very much alike. In fact the current projected shortfall is slightly lower than the 2016 value.

No Change Under New Presidency
With the 2016 trustees following under Obama’s guidance and appointment, their motives were largely being questioned by republicans and ACA rivals. The 2017 trustees, appointed by Trump, shared a more positive sentiment from the republicans without the shift in member pool actually having a drastic effect on the overall direction.

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