Poor Lung Function Keeps Short People at the Risk of Heart Diseases

A recent study revealed that shorter people are at a greater risk of having heart issues. The scientists from Queen Mary University of London conducted the study.

Dr. Eirini Marouli, the lead author included more than 800 places in human set of genes for examination. These genome were related to height of a person. The conclusion based on the data analysis was that short height multifolds the risk of coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The Communications Biology journal published the study.

On considering a person’s Body Mass Index (BMI) into account, the researcher did not find any connection between type 2 diabetes and short height. However, scientists found a connection between the risk of heart ailments and a person’s height.

Lung Function to have Significant Effect on Heart Disease in Short People

The research investigated several usual risk factors related to heart issues, for example, blood pressure and cholesterol. Other factors were fat percentage, socio-economic aspects, income, and triglycerides. However, the result did not show much effect of height on heart diseases, as that of lungs.

The author stated that it’s important to study connection between the risk of heart ailments and height. The link helps researchers to increase their knowledge regarding ailment, along with changes in lifestyle to diminish effects of the disease.

However, the study suggested the need to observe the lung functioning along with person’s height. This will help giving a concrete prediction about the risk of getting a heart disease.

There are large number of people suffering from heart ailments across the globe. One in every ten females succumb to death due to heart attack. As a result, it is important to have diagnosis of risks related to heart ailment in making early lifestyle changes.

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