Poisoning Treatment Market Size of Smart Glass, Forecast Report 2014 – 2020

The incidence of and fatalities from poisoning have increased drastically in recent years, according to figures presented by the World Health Organization. It is alarming to know that in 2004 alone, nearly 346,000 people around the world died due to deliberate or unintentional poisoning. While these numbers are increasing at a frightening pace, it is consoling to know that advancement in medicine and growing awareness about pharmacokinetics has led to the discovery and development of numerous antidotes for most poisons. Traditional methods such as gastric lavage are now being replaced by modern techniques and antidotes.Monitoring and analyzing trends within the poisoning treatment market at national and global levels, the report provides in-depth data with regard to overall market share and size. Breaking the market down into various sub-categories, the research report discusses the factors that drive and restrict the growth of the industry.
With the help of high-quality data derived from firsthand interviews and reliable sources, and views from industry experts and analysts, the research report allows stakeholders of the poisoning treatment market to make informed business decisions. Overview of the global poisoning treatment market  Sedatives, pesticides, chemicals, overdose of drugs, and alcohol are some of the common agents of poisoning, cyanide being the most fatal kind. The primary factor that drives the growth of the poisoning treatment market around the world is increasing awareness among healthcare providers as well as the common populace regarding the importance of antidotes. The presence of mandatory regulations and initiatives of community education are key to saving the lives of billions.
The regional markets for poisoning treatment are North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World. Presently, North America and Europe dominate the global market owing to the availability of new and effective antidotes, presence of a flourishing pharmaceutical industry, government aid, rigorous research activities, and increased knowledge of pharmacokinetics. Countries in Asia Pacific such as India and China have been identified as regions with immense potential owing to improved healthcare infrastructure and services and growing availability of key antidotes in government as well as private hospitals. A sad yet true fact that drives the market for poisoning treatment in the low-income nations of Africa is high suicide rates, which drives the demand for various kinds of antidotes.
Companies mentioned in the research report  Studying the overall poisoning treatment market and its competitive environment, the research report offers information on company overview, strategic development and decisions, mergers and acquisitions, marketing and brand management, and financial standing of the major market players. Some of the notable participants of the poisoning treatment market are Cumberland Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Meridian Medical Technologies, Inc., Protherics, Inc., BTG International, Inc., Novartis AG, and Bristol-Myers Squibb

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