A Pill instead of Surgery to Act as a Blessing for Diabetics

In the last few years, bariatric surgeries have been showing good results for weight loss. These surgeries have not only helped patients with reducing their weight but have also helped in reversing their type 2 diabetes. According to Ali Tavakkoli, MD and Co-director of the Weight Management and Metabolic Surgery Center at BWH, with several advancements and improvements in lifestyle and remission of diabetes, the number of patients who are opting for these surgeries is comparatively quite low. This has resulted in a collaboration between a team of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Tavakkoli in order to find out a less invasive however an effective type of treatment so as to reverse the condition of type 2 diabetes.

The team of researchers are focusing on introducing a new way which will offer similar benefits as surgery and which may have wider applications and appeal. A paper which was recently published in Nature Materials stated that the results of a preclinical study in which an oral drug was given to rats so as to deliver a substance that will temporary coat the intestine to further prevent the contact of nutrient with the lining inside the proximal bowel and then avoid the post meal spikes in the levels of blood sugar.

The team further stated that the members looked for a starting material which will just have the right properties in order to adhere to the small intestine and further dissolve within a few hours. The team has finalized a substance, which as known as sucralfate. This substance is an FDA approved drug and is being used extensively in the treatment of gastrointestinal ulcers. The pill that has been developed by a bioengineering approach has good adhesion properties and can further nicely attach to the guy in the preclinical model.

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