Ovarian Cancer Market Estimated to Expand at a Robust CAGR Over 2014-2020

Ovarian cancer, and its rising incidence rate, is a growing concern worldwide. Market players that are currently engaged in the development of drugs and therapies for ovarian cancer stand to benefit by observing the latest trends and pipeline competitor products. Transparency Market Research’s report enables entities in the market to assess the commercial opportunities and unmet clinical demands that exist in the global ovarian cancer market. The market for ovarian cancer therapeutics is at a stage of development, with market players trying to compete both in terms of the efficacy and cost of therapies.
This market research report on ovarian cancer offers a broad-ranging coverage of the global market for this disease. It takes into account major geographical markets along with product-specific segmentation for a more detailed analysis. Major indications and reasons for their prevalence are discussed in depth.
A number of underlying trends are steering the current ovarian cancer market, and this report covers these key trends. By identifying these major trends, our analysts also identify areas that offer promising growth potential. These areas are further discussed in detail so as to help users of this report review their growth plans or chart new ones. Trends in clinical trials are discussed in this report, and risks resulting from a changing regulatory environment are enumerated as well.
The Company Profiles section of this report provides insights into the financial standing, product portfolio, SWOT analysis, and key developments of leading names in the market.
Ovarian cancer is currently regarded as one of the most common cancer types among women. This type of cancer is rarely diagnosed at its early stages, making the treatment of this cancer at an advanced stage difficult. Global medical trends indicate that this type of cancer is more prevalent among older ladies – making women over 55 years a high-risk population. It is observed that women in this age group have the lowest survival rate as well. Surgical procedures are employed for the treatment of both early and advanced stages of ovarian cancer. In 2012 alone, the number of new cases of ovarian cancer stood at 239,000, constituting 1.7% of all cancer cases worldwide, according to World Cancer Research Fund International.
As the survival rate among women suffering from ovarian cancer is poor, efforts are afoot worldwide to develop new medication and therapies for the effective treatment of this disease. Similarly, new methods for the timely diagnosis of ovarian cancer are being developed and tested. This report highlights the available treatments as well as pipeline drugs. It also delves into the treatment trends worldwide, besides offering insights into the global competitive landscape. The patent expiry of several leading drugs could also potentially impact this market by encouraging the entry of new players. These changing dynamics will impact the ovarian cancer market over the forecast period.

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