Omega Diagnostics Revenues up 3% on Previous Year

Omega Diagnostics, an Alva-based company, which is majorly involved in producing food intolerance, allergy, and infectious diseases testing kits is anticipated to witness significant growth in the next few year. According to the report given by Omega diagnostics, the revenues of the company are expected to go up by around 3 percent in comparison with the previous year. The company is looking forward to introduce new products that will help in encouraging the development throughout the forecast period. In addition to this, the development of the production processes are estimated to focus on design specifications on specificity and sensitivity.

Numerous Changes on the Cards

The company is expected to make several changes in the production processes, owing to which the company will witness a promising growth in the coming years. The company has further informed that the manufacturing of the diagnostics kits will be done in three batches, which will be sent for the field trial evaluation to different sites in India and the U.K. These field trial results that are combined with a large number of planned internal experiments so as to support the product claims is likely to allow CE-Mark the test acquired after the conclusion of these activities.

Furthermore, the company is expected to focus on the enhancement of the distribution network, which is likely to enhance its presence across the globe. The emergence of effective commercialization of the products is anticipated to benefit both the parties in the next few years. This move is expected to create a better relationship and a right balance between both the parties in the next few years.

Rohit Bhisey

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