Omega-3 Losing Its Place in the World of Psychiatry

Researchers from University of East Anglia are onto verifying some claims widely accepted. In a study, they found that the common belief regarding fish oil helping with anxiety and depression may be unfounded.

This is a reason that leads to promotion of Omega-3 fats for consumption. But, as per the research, the correlation, if any, is not strong.

What is Omega-3?

It is a type of fat which is beneficial for health in small amounts. It is available in a variety of nuts and seeds. And, other than these, it is available in fish such as salmon. Besides, in supplements form, omega-3 is available as over the counter product. Worldwide, the consumption is quite high.

About the Research

Researchers conducted 31 trials with adults. While some had anxiety, others did not. About 41470 people, randomized, consumed long chain omega-3 fats. Or, they had an option of maintaining intake for a minimum of 6 months.

The result, as mentioned above, proves how the effect was in the range of little to none. Lead author, Dr. Hooper stated that previous research shows that these do not safeguard against heart issues and diabetes either. And, again this review involved information from a considerable people, under study for a long duration. But, researchers struggled to verify claim.

Thus, as per Dr. Lee Hooper, there is no reason to prescribe it as treatment for people with anxiety or depression. Oily fish, thus, is nutritious and critical for balanced diet. But, as Dr. Katherine Deane puts it, saying it helps fighting or preventing anxiety might be taking it to far.

She also made a point on consuming supplements – that is unhelpful. Because, rising pollutants in the ocean, particularly plastics, is damaging that route in a major way.

British Journal of Psychiatry is carrying the detailed study.

Carol O. Brown

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