Olive Oil Reduces Chance of Heart Attack among Obese People

Obesity has become a major threat in recent days. It is a known fact that obesity takes a toll on one’s heart health. Obese people are more prone to develop cardiovascular diseases than people with normal BMI (body mass index). Moreover, it also triggers other heart disease risk factors such as cholesterol abnormalities, hypertension, and Type 2 diabetes. There’s a plethora of research to back up these facts. However, researchers are now focusing on finding a fruitful way to reduce such health complexities associated with obesity.

A preliminary research presented at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology and Prevention talked about a specific experiment on obese adults. Researchers have conducted an experiment with a group of non-smoking, non-diabetic obese adults who consumed olive oil weekly. Researchers found the participants were at a low risk of having heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular diseases. Further, research also proved low platelet activity is due to lower consumption of olive oil. This reduced the tendency of block blood flow or blood clot in obese people.

What is the Ideal Frequency for Olive Oil Consumption?

Platelets are a major blood component found in the form of blood cell fragments which stick together to form clumps. These clots and clumps contribute to buildup artery-clogging plaque – atherosclerosis, the condition that underlies most strokes and heart attacks.

However researchers have confirmed the link between consuming olive oil for obese people and lowering the platelet activation. Furthermore, such lowest levels of platelet aggregation lowers an obese adult’s threat of facing stroke or heart attack. This experiment was the first-of-its-kind to explain how a dietary composition, olive oil, impacted on platelet function in obese people.

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