Olive Oil Compound May Prevent Brain Cancer, says Studies

The health benefits of olive oil are numerous and are well known for ages. Studies indicate that the oil can reduce the risk of heart disease and obesity and enhance cognitive abilities. As research activities pertaining to olive oil continue to increase, more properties of olive oil are likely to unfold. A recent addition to its list of merits is by researchers from the United Kingdom, who found that the oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat present in olive oil, restricts cancer-causing protein activities in brain cells.

Study Highlights Effects of Oleic Acid on Activity of MiR-7

Earlier conducted researches have revealed that oleic acid can deter the disease-causing activity of specific proteins. This formed the premise of the study conducted by Dr. Gracjan Michlewski and his team. The researchers set out to investigate the impact of oleic acid on the activity of proteins miR-7, which is a microRNA responsible for the suppression of brain tumor formation. To derive results, the team examined the effects of olive oil compound on human cells and cell extracts.

It found that the acid hampers the activity of Musashi homolog2, a cell protein which stops the production of miR-7, thereby resulting in the prevention of the formation of brain tumors. Researchers anticipate that this study could open new avenues for the prevention of brain cancer. However, they are unable to find out whether dietary intake of the oil protects against the disease.

Further studies are expected to help in determining the role of olive oil in brain health.

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