Odor-based Malaria Diagnostic to Help in Identifying Malaria Infection


According to the research, Typhoid Mary has been infected around hundred or maybe more than that people; however, the asymptomatic carriers of malaria infects comparatively more than that number every year. An international researcher’s team is working to find out a way in order to identify patients with malaria infection, including individuals who are infected and show no symptoms of malaria.

Some people who have been infected with malaria but do not any symptoms mostly stay in the heaviest areas of malaria infestation. In this case, even blood tests not necessarily pick up any infection that will show the Plasmodium parasite, particularly at low parasite densities. In such circumstances, DNA tests for the parasite most probably show infection, but they are quite far from rapid.

Researchers Emphasize on Developing Odor Based Tests to Identify Malaria

Researchers state that in their previous work, a mouse model, they found out that malaria infection has altered the odors of the infected mice. This alternation of odor has made them more attracted to mosquitoes, especially at a stage of infection, where the possibility of transmissible stage of the parasite was at very high levels. In addition to this, they have also found that there are long-term, changes in the odor of the infected mice.

The team of researchers now want to check if they can identify all these changes in human odors who are associated with malaria infection. This can help in identifying the infection and will be of great help during the diagnosis of infected individuals. Furthermore, these researchers are focusing on developing a practical diagnostic assay, which will be based on odor cues.

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