Obesity could be a Major Cause of Paediatric Asthma

Paediatric asthma has been a major cause of concern for the healthcare industry, and several researches have been conducted to find the cause of this asthma in kids. A recent study involving data from a set of 500,000 children across the States finds that obesity could be a major reason behind the occurrence of asthma in children. The study finds that a quarter of children suffering from asthma may be a victim of the diseases due to their high levels of obesity, and this fact deserves the attention of the healthcare circles across the world. The medical fraternity has been steadfast in educating and information people about the ills and side-effects of obesity over the past decades. However, the relationship between obesity in children and paediatric asthma has only come to the fore with the study in question.

Facts and Figures

The study further asserts that around 1 million children in the US alone suffer from asthma, and the situation could worsen in the years to come. A team of researchers at Duke University asserts that it is imperative to promote healthy eating habits in children in order to bring down the heavy incidence of obesity and asthma in kids. It is amongst the most widespread diseases amongst children in the US, and the medical fraternity of the region has been making continual efforts to improve this dire situation.

Future Projections

The findings of the research have been recorded across several healthcare longitudes in the US. This step is projected to bring about key advancements in the way the healthcare industry in the region deals with the daunting incidence of asthma and obesity.

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