Obese People without any Metabolic Risk Factor may not be Higher Risk

Metabolically healthy obesity has been a highly debatable condition with the lack of substantial clinical evidence for establishing a potential link between it and mortality risk in patient populations. Most traditional studies has found metabolically healthy obesity with at least one metabolic risk factor to alleviate the mortality risk. However, the findings of a recent study conducted by a team of researchers at York University Faculty of Health challenge this paradigm. Researchers set out to evaluate the independent mortality risk associated with obesity in patients with zero metabolic risk factors found them to be not at a higher mortality risk than lean men and women who are healthy. In other words, obese patients bereft of any metabolic risk factor didn’t show a higher all‐cause mortality risk compared to lean individuals with no metabolic risk factor.

The findings of the research are published online on 12 July 2018 in Wiley Online Library.

Benefits of Weight Reduction in Obese Individuals with no Metabolic Risk Factor under Scanner

The research spanning five cohort studies looked at the mortality risk in 54 089 men and women with general obesity or abdominal obesity, of which 6% comprised the candidates for metabolically healthy obesity with zero risk factor. The researchers using advanced approaches to defining obesity found that the patients who had even one metabolic risk factor had higher metabolic risk factor.

Of note, individuals with hypertension, dyslipidaemia, or diabetes, even in isolation, had increased mortality risk. Standard guidelines posit that anyone with BMI over 30 kg/m2 can be considered as obese.

The study has brought the benefits of shedding weight in metabolically healthy obesity under a scanner. The research findings reiterate that obese individuals with no other risk factors are not likely to die earlier than those with normal weight and no other metabolic risk factors, and will lead to better

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