No Connection between Red Meat and Adverse Health Conditions, says study

In today’s time and age, people across the globe prefer non-veg food more as compared to vegetarian food. Consumption of red meat was the highest. But various studies showed that growing consumption of red meat is contributing in rising global warming and is adversely impacting the environment. Due to which large number of people started reducing consumption of red meat and other non-vegetarian food products. Besides, consumption of red meat also has numerous adverse health impact including chances of cancer and heart diseases. Having said that, a new research shows that there is no significant association between red meat and risk of cancer and heart diseases.

A Systematic Study Included Various Steps to Get Exact Results

While conducting new study, researchers emphasized on systematic reviews and focused on randomized controlled trials and observational studies. Their focus was also to find impact of red processed meat consumption on cancer outcomes and cardiometabolic. They also focused on various factors associated with the red meat serving and its impact on health.

The research group included panel of 14 members from seven countries that used GRADE methods and rigorous systematic review methodology. This helps them in rating the certainty of evidence for each outcome, to move from evidence to dietary recommendations to develop their guidelines.

Researchers also understand the importance of the research, as it is contradictory to the current prevailing studies. And they wanted to help people in taking decision about what they eat and what all should be included in their diet. Finding of the research study was to thoroughly understand impact on health outcomes. They did not consider environmental concerns or animal welfare when making our recommendations.

Carol O. Brown

A computer science engineer, Carol O. Brown has always been intrigues by health science. This led her to become a healthcare writer. She is a digital marketing professional with more than three years’ experience.

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