NHS to Involve Patient in their Own Medical Care

Director of data sharing at Great North Care Record at NHS, Fiona McDonald, talked about the purpose behind UK data exchange initiative. She also spoke about some of her current projects and the importance of patient-centricity.

North Cumbrian and North East have started a new initiative of exchanging medical information across the region monitored by Social and health care experts.

The main goal of healthcare system and services is to help clinicians and staff since time immemorial. However, it overlooked the patient’s journey or a pathway or access to digital world in the process. Hence, the organization is now working on providing this technology regarding easy access and safe services. It strives to make the technology patient centric.

Patients Can Exchange Data among Different Healthcare Providers

The project allows the exchange of information about patient’s health. Data with respect to medications, diagnosis, tests, treatments, and admissions are exchanged among various healthcare providers. These centers include emergency ambulance service, hospitals, and likewise, which work for patients’ wellbeing.

The key principle of this initiative by Great North Care Record is to let people have their own preferences about data sharing. They want to enable people to control the exchange of their medical data according to their choice.

It is now important for people to decide the usage of their information and advantages it will have. Sharing information with people in the community with similar conditions will help them fight the illness with better support and facilities. Great North Care Record encourages people to actively participate in the initiative.

Giving patients the access of their own medical details and records helps get more involved in their treatment and care. It also supports them in taking informed decisions regarding the care they require and choose the options accordingly. They can share the medical history with other healthcare experts as well to get another opinion. This aims to benefit them in treatment, especially when they are abroad.

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