A New Robot That Keeps Human Heart From Failing By Acting As Cardiac Muscle


Researchers at Boston children’s hospital have come across a way, to provide adequate supply of blood throughout the human heart that does not damage the liquids with an unnatural service.

Scientists have created an implantable robot that lets the heart beat even despite a cardiac failure. “We have merged a rigid bracing along with gentle robotic actuators to safely yet effectively assist an ill heart pump blood effectively,” said a cardiac surgeon Nikolay Vasilyev who works at the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Robotic Actuators that Fulfill Lifelike Functions

Robotic actuators are unnatural muscles made to fulfill lifelike activities and functions. Of late, these robots are being considered to be better in comparison to the more rigid products that are currently being used in the medical sector. The workers at Boston children’s hospital have developed a proof of concept gentle robot that can help pump blood in the ailing heart effectively.

New Technology to Help Patients with Diseased Ventricle

Normally, in pediatric patients in the hospitals, heart related problems are a result of many issues and often have issues in both ventricles distinctively. Thus, to deal with this situation, the doctors involved with the robot have brought about an answer to overcome this difficulty effectively.”We decided to create a new technology which could help the patient with one diseased ventricle, and the patient has either the left or right isolated heart failure couple blood inside the chamber and then pump It in the circulatory system” said Vasilyev.


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