New Research Study Discovers Taller People More Likely to Get Specific Types of Cancer

A team of researchers at the University of California in the Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology have recently found an evidence that the taller people in comparison with the shorter people are quite prone to get cancer, owing to their large number of cells in the body. Leonard Nunney, in the paper that been published recently in the Processing of the Royal Society B, has offered in his study, a detailed comparison of height, along with the risk of cancer and the factoring in the overall number of cells present in the body.

Some of the research studies that were conducted earlier have stated that taller people are likely to get cancer, in a finding that was observed in some other animals, such as dogs. In the research study, the team has gathered the statistics on the risks that are known for cancer while factoring the height. They have further made use of data from some other research studies, which was conducted in Austria, Norway, Korea, and Sweden. After the collection of data, the team of researchers have built models so as to factor in the total number of the cells that are present in the person’s body.

Furthermore, the research study has found that around 13 percent rise in the cancer risk is there for women for every 10 cms of their increased height. On the other hand, for men, the percentage that has been given by the research study is 11 percent. In this study, around 23 types of cancers have been studied, among which 18 types of cancers holds a risk factor with increased height.

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